The  Mayor of Whitegate, Martin Murray, wishes  to  give  notice  in accordance  with   the  constituation  of  the  Mayorship  wishes  to advise  residents, Whitegate/ Aghada Parish, and  for information  for Mayor canadates, that election to that office will take place  during August/September of 2015

A further announcement with regard to nominations, election, dates, etc will be announce on the 4th day of August, 2015, on this web site , and in the media.


There  is  at  present  no  official  Aghada Parish Flag, to  honour  as  a  symbal of  who  we  are, and  where   we  come  from, this is  where we  live,  our  allegence to our home, villages, community, expressed under one banner, to  be  produally displayed in our villages.

The  Mayor of  Whitegate, Martin  Murray, cordially invites  suggestions from  residents, clubs, groups, with a view to uniting  all our village of Aghada Parish.   Posted, 5th June,2015


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Whitegate, Aghada Parish is featured in the recent twining  cermony and events that took place in April to celebrate the arrival of 60 French residents of Pechabou, our twinned village.

To  view, go on line to, www. irish TV, scrolls down left hand side menue, cork matters 46.  The film is a fantastic promotion, by a small dedicated twining team, both in history, culturial, and tourism input for the whole parish as a tourist destination.  Comgratulations to all involved who contributed to a great success. Special mention to Geata  Ban Productions, for outstanding  proffessional work. Enjoy.

Martin  Murray, Mayor of Whitegate.


April,  this was a very busy month for the Mayor of Whitegate, and especially the Whitegate Twining  Team, with Mr. Eddie Tucker at the helm, for a resounding success in  our twining  week for gusts from Pechabou, in France.  There was a lot of business generated  from the result of this event, its about putting Whitegate/Aghada on the tourist map with our French connections, and jobs in the local tourist industry, we must fight our own corner, The Whitegate Mayor concluded.

April, The Mayor  arranged with the County Councillars, Pat Buckley, Sinn Fain, Noel Collins, Ind.,to attend the Friday Club to answer questiond from the membership of the club. Councillars from the main parties were unable to attend.

April,The  Mayor,on  behalf  of resident complaints from Roches  Point  village, with regard to the pot holes on the road surface, forwarded to the Snr. Exec. Engineer, Cork County Council.

April, The Mayor, addressed a meeting of the new County Forum, he spoke about a strong voice to be heard for residents who are living outside the City and Towns where public money is not being spent, we have sub – standard roads,volinteers doing the work of the Councils, not being re-imbursed for expenses, this has to change.

Note on the above, The Council has agreed to re-imburse volinteers.

May, Sunday 3rd, Queen of the May, a time honoured tradition in Whitegate village, The Mayor presented a gift this morning to the chosen queen.

An Geata Bán


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