Free things to do in Whitegate Village

Here is a list of 44 ideas for fun activities that will cost you nothing at all. You can call to the Mayor of Whitegate’s office anytime to get directions and a little tour of the village. To find out about a place, enter it in the search engine below, or look at the map of the village to find the location.

  • 1.Look for dolphins or seals. Many beaches around Whitegate village offer the chance to see dolphins or seals right from the shore if you know what you’re looking for and when to look.
  • 2.Go for a swim Depending on the time of year you might want to get yourself a good wet suit! You can pick one up in The Pier service station.
  • 3.Look for seashells. You can stroll the beach looking for seashells and colored glass. Take the best ones home with you and make jewelry or art with them so that you can always remember the fun that you had at the beach. Best seashell spots: Inch Strand, Ballybranagan, Guileen, Balinrostic, Whitebay.
  • 4.Take photographs. Whitegate Village is a great place for getting good photos and if you are on holidays those photos will be a great memory to take back from the trip. Wander along with your digital camera and see what there is to see. Best spots: Bird watching in Whitegate, Roches point, Rostellan Woods, Rostellan lake, GAA pitch ( incredible views of the harbour!) Guileen, Inch Beach, Ballybranegan, Ballycotton. 

  • 5. Write messages in the sand.You can write them big or small, say anything that you want and then take a picture that will last forever. These pictures can be made into unique postcards to send to the folks back home.
  • 6.Wonder what happened to Katherine’s Wedding dress in Aghada Hall House. Katherine’s wedding dress was of rich poplin (silk), with a bodice and court train of brocaded poplin trimmed with Limerick point lace and springs of orange blossoms. Read more…
  • 7.Go Surfing, Bodyboarding, Kayaking or have some Inflatable boat fun You can pick up a bodyboard or inflatable toys in our local stores.  Get out on the water and really have yourself an adventure instead of just being lazy! Best surfing spot Inch beach. Swell Surf School , Neptune Kayak and Kayak Cork Harbour rent equipement as well!
  • 8. Have a Picnic. Pack yourself a really nice picnic with fancy cheeses and luscious fruits and to go indulge in one of our picnic ares or at the beach. Best picnic spots: Whitegate Village Playground, The people path, Rostellan Lake, Inch Strand, Ballybranegan, White Bay, Saleen, Guileen and of course Roches Point.
9. Play Beach games Frisbee, Beach Ball, Beach tennis, Hula hoop, Play catch, Jump rope, Fly akite or build a sand castle! You can pick up some cheap toys at our locals shops.
  • 10. Meet a rabbit. You might be lucky one one of your walks around Whitegate Village and meet a bunny! There are a lot of them around the area. If you don’t get to see one, you can always call to the Mayor’s office (The white house) and meet cricket and Jemnie!
  •  11.Practice your Irish Bígí linn agus fáilte san teach tábhairne Guleen Arms at 8.30pm De Céadaoin 5ú Deireadh Tómhair. Resuming on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 8.30pm in Guileen Arms, and every second Wednesday. Friendly group, cupán tae deas, in a lovely maritime setting. New members welcome. Labhair Gaeilge agus mairfidh dí ‘Speak Irish and it will survive’. Céad mile fáilte romhat.
  • 12.Go on an adventure in Power Head. You can access this walk from the second car park in Inch beach. Walk up the steps and cycle or walk along the cliffs to “the 40 steps” While young kids will have to turn back at the 40 steps, the more adventurous of you will be able to walk down and see the cove, Warning wear hiking boots and be safe!
  • 13.Find the Sarah Siddens’ Tower in Rostellan woods. Sarah was a British actress who was one of the first actresses that gained respectability with roles such as Lady Macbeth and held her audience spellbound. She was tall and had a striking figure, expressive eyes and a solemn dignity Read more… 
  • 14.Walk the almost Green road in Guileen. From Guileen to Balinrostic, this scenic road is very safe as there is very little traffic. Don’t forget your camera!
  • 15.Hiking. Inch Strand, Whitebay and Guileen beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike to or from the water. This offers great exercise and the water is great for cooling down after the hike.
  • 16.Feed the ducks at Rostellan Lake or Corkbeg strand. An old time favourite! You can see the ducks all year round in Rostellan lake and have a picnic there too, or in the summer time in Corkbeg strand in whitegate Village for a bit of wildlife experience!
  • 17.Read magazines. Park yourself under a shade umbrella at the beach, under a tree in Rostellan woods, or sit and enjoy the view in Whitegate Village and read some magazines or a cheap novel.
  • 18. Let the kids go mad in the Playground while sipping a cappuccino. Here is a real treat for the mums and dads out there! Get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and a magazine in Day’s of Whitegate EUROSPAR and take the kids to the Playground for an hour of peace. The Playground is state of the art, it has a zip wire, accessible slides and swings, an area for little ones, a big huge slide  and a climbing wall! Tip for kids: Promise to be good at the playground and get an Ice cream or a treat in the shop on the way back! Opening times: Everyday from 8 to 8 for kids up to the age of 14
  • 19.Dance the Waltz at the Community show. The Aghada Community show takes place every year in early autumn, entertainment for kids, local crafts and display of children and adults projects made for the occasion. Music outdoors all day, might need to take a few lessons first….
  • 20.Search for historic sites. For a list of sites you might want to see around East Cork, click on the map. You can call to the Mayor’s office for a historical trail of WHitegate Village.
  • 21.Look for little critters. Most people who go looking for animals at the beach are looking for whales or seals or dolphins. Turn your focus to the little critters like the crabs and birds and jellyfish. Spend the day seeing how many different animals you can count.
  • 22.Go back in time. Listen to some traditional Irish music in “Poc Ar Buile” Pub in Balinrostig, every thursday night, fire lighting in the winter for a truly cosy evening
  • 23.Watch the sunset. This is one of the favorite things that people often do at the beach because it is such a sight to see. You will be amazed at the views in Whitegate Village when the sun goes down.
  • 24.Go Fishing. It’s one of the most relaxing things that you can do at the beach and something people have been doing here for centuries.
  • 25.Find the secret beach in Rostellan Woods. If you read the story about Sarah Siddens, you will now know that Rostellan woods is more than just a wood, secret gardens, secret beach… ok I’ll read the story…
  • 26.Get some yummy cakes at the Xmas Fair.  Yearly event: Display of local crafts, handmade wooly clothing, cakes and more. In Aghada community Hall, see the What’s on page for more details.
  •  27.Read a book on the library bus. The library bus comes every second thursday (even dates) at 11 am in Whitegate Village. It goes from Main street to upper Aghada and finishes its route in Lower Aghada at 12pm.
  • 28.Practice your Irish by the fire. Bígí linn agus fáilte san teach tábhairne Guleen Arms at 8.30pm De Céadaoin 5ú Deireadh Tómhair. Resuming on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 8.30pm in Guileen Arms, and every second Wednesday.
  •  29.Go to a Quiz night. Rosie’s bar, the Long Point pub and the scooner host quizz night on many occasion, check what ‘s on for more details.
  • 30.Climb the Aghada Hill Are you up for a challenge? Then walk or cycle from Whitegate Village to Upper Aghada, and go down to the Pier. The views are incredible! Walk back to Whitegate Village by taking the scenic walk. Stop for refreshments in the Pier or Have a Drink or A Meal in Rosie’s Bar and The Pepperstack Bistro.
  • 31. Clean up the town for tidy towns. The residents association hold town cleanups a couple of times a year, get involved, help clean up, hold a paint brush or just go down for the craic!
  • 32.Listen to some live music. The Long Point Pub and Rosies have bands playing regularly, check what’s on for more details.
  • 33.visit the local churches. Aghada, Balinrostig, Whitegate Village’s Corkbeg church, and Saleen’s churches have a very interesting stories and architecture. You can see the church in Corkbeg with the Mayor. Don’t hesitate to give him a call.
  • 34. Go to a Hurling or GAA game see the GAA website for details of upcoming games.
  • 35.Imagine the life at Corkbeg house. In its time this place was a tropical garden paradise, Located in Corkbeg, Whitegate Village, it was demolished in 1959 to make way for the oil refinery. The Mayor will tell you great stories and show you pictures of the house, he can also take you where the house used to be. For free walking tours of the village, contact the Mayor of whitegate, Martin Murray.
  • 36. Become a potery artist. Shanagary Potery Workshop tours, café, shop, a must see! Check out the website to book a tour Tip: Have one adult per child ratio, and watch your kids well so they don’t break the pottery displayed in the store, or this could become a quite expensive activity! Click on the picture to watch the video.
  • 37. Enjoy breathtaking views.  From Whitegate Village the closest to the further away: Whitegate bird watch in main street, Climb the Aghada Hill and be amazed in Upper Aghada on the walk down to the Pier, Lower Aghada Tennis ans Sailing club, Aghada Pier, The People Path, Rostellan Lake, GAA’s secret beach, The secret Beach in Rostellan woods. White bay, Inch Beach, Ballybrannegan, Guileen, Roches Point, Ballinrostic, Shanagary, Garyvoe, Ballycotton. (find a location on the map of the village)
  • 38.Wish you could live in Roches point. This spot is a little treasure, stunning cottages, rocky beach, a lighthouse, magnificent views, a MUST see.
  • 39. Go to Patrick’s day parade.Whitegate Holds it’s very own Parade, organised by the resident association, this year was whitegate’s third parade, what a success!
  • 40.Cycle the People Path Yes you can walk it too!
  • New: You can now rent bikes in Rostellan’s Neptune Kayak!
  • The People path takes you from Whitegate Village to Rostellan Lake. Start with some bird watching in Main street Whitegate Village, carry on to the tennis and sailing club, stop at the Pier Service station for refreshments, or go for a drink or a Meal in the Pepperstack bistro and Rosie’s bar, then carry on towards the Rostellan Lake, Stop for a look in the antique shop, and go feed the ducks at the lake, you can finish your tour by having a coffe in the new Rostellan coffee shop and chocolate factory, don’t forget bring back some of the delicious hand crafted chocolates they have on offer. They are some great picnic spots along the way so why not pack a picnic too? 
  •  41.Make a wish at Angel’s Well. Legend has it that a person’s eyesight was restored at the Well. On trabolgan road, watch out for the sign!
  •  42.Save Aghada Pier! Yes you can! Get involved, make a donation, for more info on the project: visit their facebook page : 
  • 43.Look For your ancestors! Thanks to our historic grave society, you can now locate the various graveyards in the area and look for your ancestors! Here is a list of the graveyards in our area, click on the map below and find the graveyard you would like to learn about. List: Garankinefeak, Corkbeg, Aghadaold, Aghada presbytarian, All Saints Aghada, Fort Cartisle Whitegate, Inch, St Erasmus, Titeskin.
  • 44.Meet a whale in Ballycotton bay. Late november, on a misty evening, it sounds spooky doesn’t it! These are the best conditions to meet a Whale in Ballycotton bay, Whale of a Time garanteed! You will see it coming into the harbour, so pack yourself some blankets and a picnic, this could be a long night!
  • Note: Our Beaches are safe but watch out in case of bad weather, be safe and don’t take risks. And pick up your rubbish!
  • Whale & Dolphin watching must be carried out in a responsible fashion.


Sights of Summer by vic Barry,
A video showing Whitegate and the area.

Video by Vic Barry


Dolphins in Roches Point

Video by Starfanz


Aghada Under 8’s Juvenile Hurling Team

video by manonMdesigns


Welcome to Cork,

Plenty of photos and videos on our facebook page:

Whitegatewhatson !

Aghada Community Centre

Welcome to Aghada Community Centre
Located in the heart of the village of Aghada, Aghada Community Centre provides a modern and up to date facility for hire to youth groups, community groups, charities and the local community.
Aghada Community Centre Website is now live! Click on the link below to acces it:

acc logo v1


Places to stay

Many of the businesses and activity providers in whitegate village have teamed up to offer great value packages, do not hesitate to enquire with your choice of accomodation to see what they have on offer.

Whitegate Village:

Trabolgan Holiday Village

Tel: +353 (0) 21 4661551Fax: +353 (0) 21 4661698

Follow us on :

Family friendly accommodation

Trabolgan is located 1 mile outside Whitegate village near Roches Point. The holiday homes ranges from intimate one-bedroomed houses right up to the largest homes that can accommodate up to nine people. The holiday homes are in the heart of Trabolgan Holiday Village and many of the on site activities are free when you stay in one of the holiday homes.

Touring Caravan Park at Trabolgan Holiday Village

The park is located on over 5 acres of peaceful woodland and open meadow, your family will enjoy full access to all Trabolgan Holiday Village activities. With only 35 pitches and a superb setting, this park has grown in popularity over the years, so book early!

Trabolgan Holiday Village

Roches Point


Co. Cork

The Yurt, Glamourous Camping

Ideal for a Summer holiday the Yurts are large, spacious and light.  Experience a more luxurious style of camping with futon beds, bathroom, linens, and an outdoor campfire.  Yurts provide a magical holiday experience you’ll never forget!

Glanturkin, Inch, Whitegate


Bay view Hotel****

Tel: +353 21 4646746 

Fax: +353 21 4646075

Welcome to the 4 Star Bayview at Ballycotton East Cork Hotel, a Manor House Hotel  nestled cliffside in the beautiful village of Ballycotton, in the south of Ireland. Regarded as one of the finest hotels in East Cork, the Bayview Hotel romantically overlooks miles of spectacular coastline, in the centre of the small unspoilt fishing village of Ballycotton.

Caringly restored and family-run this 4 Star East Cork Hotel is dedicated to providing modern luxury with the charm and warmth of bygone days. Relax in the hotel’s original gardens, embrace the invigorating sea air while viewing a traditional fishing harbour at work.

The Hotel boasts of luxurious accommodation in East Cork,top class dining in Ballycotton, and a host of activities near this Manor House East Cork Hotel including championship golf courses, river and sea angling and hiking.

Whatever you seek from your East Cork accommodation Ireland, the Bayview Hotel is one of the very finest Cork hotels in which to take a relaxing getaway break. So check out our amazing hotels Cork Ireland offers at the Bayview today!The Bayview Hotel

Bayview Hotel, 


 Co Cork,


Garyvoe Hotel and Health club****

Tel: +353 21 4646718

Fax: +353 21 4646824


There has been a hotel on the beach at Garryvoe since the early 1900s and while the world and that little summer hut have changed beyond recognition, some things have thankfully stayed the same – the golden five-mile beach, the view of Ballycotton and the island, the sea sparkling in the morning sun, and the smiling faces at the Garryvoe. Whether it is your wedding, a romantic weekend break, a seaside holiday or a few nights away with great friends, at the Garryvoe you will find the intimate, friendly and professional service, the fresh local food and the incredible view all add up to a memorable experience. It is an experience put together with loving care – a unique atmosphere that can only be nurtured in a family-owned, independent hotel that has been lovingly cared for through the generations since it opened as one of the first hotels in East Cork. Come inside and enjoy!

Garryvoe Hotel

Ballycotton Bay,
Co Cork,


An Stór Tourist Hostel

Tel: 021 463 31 06 / 087 230 14 34


An Stór Tourist Hostel is located in the bustling market town of Midleton. Frank and Maria provide top quality accommodation for Budget prices. The comfortable rooms suit groups, families and the independent traveller. The self-catering and serviced kitchens allow the guests flexibility in their choice of dining. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. We guarantee the best value in East Cork. Car-parking is free. Surf and Stay packages available see Swell Surf School, Inch Beach, Whitegate Village for more details.

Less than 2 min walk from Main street!


Co Cork

Restaurants and Pubs

TK’S Diner and Takeway

Main Street, Whitegate Village, East Cork

In true Irish Diner style, TK’s will offer you great value family meals! From Traditional Fish and Chips to Hamburgers and Wraps, you will find all your favourite fast foods in TK’s. They have a great selection of offers on, Value kids meal, Family meal deals and more, check their facebook page for up to date special offers.

The Long Point, Pub, Restaurant and B&B

Main street, Whitegate Village, East Cork

Traditional Irish Pub, Food served daily,

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner menus.

Pool table.


Live music.

To see What’s on in the Long Point

Join them on facebook!

The Pepper Stack Bistro @ Rosie’s Bar

The Pepperstack Bistro @ Rosies Bar, a fantastic, award winning dining establishment, located in a unique setting overlooking Cork Harbour, in Lower Aghada.

They create tastes from around the world, while concentrating on using amazing Irish ingredients. Fresh fish is their Specialty, fortunate enough to have a fantastic location in Aghada, overlooking the 2nd most natural harbour in the world – Cork Harbour. They offer their customers gourmet food at exceptional value!

“5 Star Food for 3 Star Prices”

Check out their facebook page for special offers, we hear kids eat free some nights of the week…!

The Schooner Pub

Whitegate village

The Schooner is just off main street in Whitegate. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is known for its great pints, a typical irish local and always welcoming to new arrivals. It is a warm haven in the winter with a live fire, and a busy night spot in the summer. A great pub for a quiet one or a night out with friends.

Live Music in The Schooner:

See their facebook Page for up to date events!

Rosie’s Bar

Lower Aghada, East Cork

Functions Catered for: Birthdays, Christening, Special Occasions

Live music!

To see What’s on in Rosies click here : GIGS 

Courtesy Bus Available

Nightly Service – Local Destinations
Pick up/Drop Off Tel: 087 2383943


Come and Enjoy your Favourite Sport
GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Golf…

Join Rosies Golf Society

Regular Outings!

and Visit their  website for more details.

Rostellan Coffee shop

Coffee Shop and chocolate factory, open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm

Located across from Rostellan lake in the courtyard.

rostellan coffee

 Trabolgan Holiday Village

Sally O Hara’s Family Restaurant:  This restaurant offers pleasant surroundings and an excellent choice of food at reasonable prices.  There are “Daily Specials” and affordable and healthy options for kids.

Casey’s Fast Food: In the best take-away tradition, Casey’s provide Burgers, Fries, Milkshakes as well as Meal Deals and Specials.  Open from noon to midnight every day.  Delicious pizzas can also be ordered to eat in or take home, with a variety of toppings and a choice of size to suit everyone.

The Coffee Bar: Open daily from 10am to 7pm, the coffee bar serves made to order coffee, baguettes and panninis.  Fresh juice drinks, chilled water, sports drink and sweet snacks complete the line up.

Starbuck coffeeGourmet coffee, hot chocolate, ice drinks and specialty teas from the Starbucks range.

An Poc Ar Buile

Poc ar Buile is a traditional Irish pub which can be found in the sleepy village of Ballinrostig, nestled between Whitegate village and Inch Bay. This family run bar is truly a ‘pub for all seasons’ with it’s child friendly beer garden at the rear, perfect for those lazy summer evenings, and it’s open fire will keep you cosy and warm on cold winter nights. We have a heated smoking area and show all major sporting events.
Located across the road from Ballinrostig Church, we are accustomed to catering for parties large and small and can offer a wide selection of sandwiches or hot and cold finger foods, making ‘Poc ar Buile’ an ideal choice for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays etc.

visit their website for more details:

Guileen Arms

 A little gem of Guileen, This traditional Irish pub is also a Tackle shop. A great place to stop for a drink after a long walk on the many scenic trails.
See The Guileen Website for more details.

An Geata Bán


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